Victor: private jet charter gift vouchers

A present for a loved one who longs to take flight in style in 2015

As present ideas go, a voucher can sometimes fall a little flat. But now there’s a rather more uplifting class of gift voucher that’s taking the option to giddy new heights of desirability.

For the first time since it launched in 2011, the on-demand private jet charter service Victor is this week releasing seasonal gift vouchers (on sale until Tuesday January 6, from £5,000 and valid for one year) for empty-leg flights and full jet charters that waive the company’s (already competitive) booking fee and promise “the most cost-effective way to book a private jet this season, by far”.


The service is increasingly adopted by big businesses keen to cut back on travel overheads without abandoning the superior style, convenience and expedience of private jet charter, but is also becoming popular with private individuals.

By cleverly networking 131 local private jet operators worldwide, Victor flies to thousands of destinations with route combinations between 40,000 airports – and some departures are available within just three hours of booking. So the dream of an impulsive, glamorous escape from it all (Luton to Palma, full charter for four flyers at £9,400 one way), or the idea of making a necessary journey that much more enjoyable (Luton to New York full charter for eight flyers, £40,000 one way) becomes delightfully tangible – even among the crumpled wrapping paper and half-eaten pudding on Christmas Day.