Polaroid’s cool HD action cam

The iconic film manufacturer’s Cube is simple but clever

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Like Kodak and Ilford, Polaroid is one of those film manufacturers that has just about survived through to the modern era. The original company went bust just before the current boom in old-style instant photography (Polaroid film is now being made again by a successor company, Impossible, in considerable quantities), but a number of products are still sold under the Polaroid name, with the same stylish twist.


This ridiculously simple but effective HD action cam is one such. It doesn’t do as much as GoPro, but it is so compellingly straightforward and cool that I love it. The one-button operation is genius and the idea of equipping it with a strong magnet is clever – even though you are unlikely to find much to stick it to. The little (3.5cm x 3.5cm, 47g) Polaroid Cube is cheap enough that if you used it as a dogcam, or put it on a kite and lost it, it wouldn’t be a total disaster, yet the quality is good and the wide angle wide enough to be interesting without pictures getting too distorted. For £25 there’s also waterproof “housing” for fun underwater shooting.


Our tech guru also singles out the FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic for its retro look and colourful miniature pics, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II with its magnificent zoom lens, the Leica T with its interchangeable-lens camera and the Sony RX1R for its professional-standard stills.