Canon PowerShot G1X

A chunky Canon compact that packs a punch – at half the price

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This new compact (but not overly so) Canon reminds me of the little Land Rover Freelander, in that it’s tough and businesslike without being a Range Rover – which in camera terms would be one of the big, professional top-of-range Canon EOS models. The semi-pro PowerShot G1X is big and chunky – in an excellent way. But the thing that struck me is how the controls are supremely ergonomic – knurled, easy and in exactly the right place. I particularly liked that the all-important exposure-correction wheel is the biggest and most prominent control on the camera. I also loved the rear screen’s flexibility. On the other hand, the lack of an electronic viewfinder is a bit too retro. Picture quality? Well, if you compare the G1X with a full-on DSLR you will conclude that the results do not quite resonate with the same rich quality. For me, the G1X isn’t up there either with compacts such as the Leica X1 or FujiFilm’s finest. It is half the price, though, as well as way more adaptable and a pleasure to use because of those superb controls. Shoots great video, too.