Nikon V1

A retro-look camera with snappy focusing

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Nikon has taken its time joining the stampede of miniature system cameras, but the wait for the Nikon V1 has been worth it. The V1 and its baby brother, the J1 (smaller and lacking the V1’s excellent electronic viewfinder), are as slick, well built, tough and smooth to use as you’d expect from Nikon.


My first impression of the V1 was that it is on the chunky side, both to look at and to handle. The design is interesting as a retro exercise, if you accept that sometimes a look can be nostalgic without being a rehash of anything specific.


When you measure it up, though, it’s not that big, and I found it, with its wonderfully snappy focusing, unusually confidence-inspiring. The photos won’t blow your mind with their sharpness, but the overall look of quality will keep almost everyone happy.

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