The perfect fan-humidifier for the home office

Jonathan Margolis finds working from home is a breeze with Dyson’s latest invention

Dyson Pure  Humidify+Cool, £600
Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, £600

Overly dry air indoors is horrible. It affects everything from your skin to your breathing to your home’s paintwork. While there’s nothing much you can do about dry air in the office, the WFH revolution gives you the chance, among other pluses, to get the air in which you work perfect.

Five years ago, after spending £37.5m on development, Dyson introduced its remarkable AM10 home humidifier, which I know from readers’ emails I received at the time was a game-changer for many. Being able to live and sleep with air controlled to a perfect 45 per cent humidity (or whatever percentage you prefer, controllable from an app) made people feel exceptionally well. And seeing as it was a complex Dyson product, engineered to within an inch of its life, the fine mist of humid air it pumped out wasn’t laden with just any water – it was Dyson water, filtered, purified from dust, pollen nitrogen dioxide and benzene, and disinfected with ultraviolet light to kill bugs.

The reason not everyone – even confirmed Dysonistas – was a fan, however, was that the AM10 humidifier wasn’t a fan. I know that a lot of people on hot, dry summer days would have it on alongside, or across the room from, a tall Dyson cooling fan.


Even then, Dyson was working on a way to integrate a fan and a humidifier, and the result is the Pure Humidify+Cool, a sample of which is wafting 320 litres per second of cool, luscious air over me as I write this. And yes, said the engineer who briefed me, it even works – if a little less powerfully – when you have windows open.

Is there a warm- and cool-air humidifier in development? The engineer wouldn’t say, but it would seem a logical step.