A 5G phone that’s setting the pace in the UK

The OnePlus 7 Pro: the best 5G on the market?

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, from £69 a month on EE
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, from £69 a month on EE | Image: Hugh Thelfall

I will be looking at many 5G phones in times to come; it might, indeed, be the last G I ever have to think about because at up to 20 times faster than the best 4G, and with latency (aka delay) almost as minimal as in the human brain, many in telecoms believe there will never be a 6G. But Technopolis’s first 5G phone is from newbie phone maker OnePlus, which beat all the big phone cheeses to market in a deal with EE, which was also the first with 5G in the UK. It isn’t just OnePlus’s agility that deserves respect. Its 7 Pro 5G with 10 different radio aerials inside – 5G is complicated – is just so good. Apart from lacking the (frankly) gimmicky waterproof rating and not-so-big-deal wireless charging offered by established manufacturers, it is every bit as good as the 5G competitors that will be rampant when you read this. It even has its own gimmick – a pop-up selfie camera that leaves the big, glorious screen free of notches for the usual camera. 5G is incredible. I was getting speeds in the hundreds of MBps in London right after EE’s launch. Someone in Birmingham got 1.8GBps. That’s double the fastest broadband speed. And it means you could download a film before getting on a plane, say, in seconds. Ingesting a 10GB film will, of course, put a dent in your monthly data allowance, so EE (I’m sure others will follow) offers a limitless video data pass on top of your regular data.