The king of compact cameras?

All hail the sixth incarnation of the wondrous Sony RX100

Sony RX100 VI, £1,150
Sony RX100 VI, £1,150 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve always answered the question of which is the best camera on the market with the slightly gnomic answer: “The one you have in your hand when a great photo presents itself.” There was more sense in this when we didn’t all have a camera about our person 24/7. My list of photos missed due to lack of a camera used to be as long as the average angler’s fish-that-got-away tally. But smartphone cameras are so good now that great shots are hard to miss. Smaller though the gap has become, though, a dedicated camera is still vastly better than the best phone camera. Which is why I’m always on the lookout for the very ultimate in pocketable ultra-compact models. This latest version of Sony’s almost annually updated RX100 is the mark VI, and it’s the most sophisticated and adaptable compact ever made. Its list of features is almost ludicrous. Best of all are a fantastic pop-up OLED viewfinder that’s a joy to use and a rear screen that contorts like a gymnast into the most awkward positions, all of them useful. The 24-200mm equivalent, 15-element Zeiss zoom lens is exceptional. The only drawback is that some may find the controls so small they’re fiddly; oh, and also there’ll almost certainly be a mark VII next year.