The perfect mini deputy to a day-to-day smartphone

The credit-card-sized Palm packs a lot into a little and will soon be able to share the same Vodaphone number as your main smartphone

Palm Phone, £350 pay as you go or from £31 a month
Palm Phone, £350 pay as you go or from £31 a month | Image: Hugh Threlfall

As smartphones get more tombstone-like, miniature models, such as those I have previously featured by the Chinese maker Unihertz, have become a mini trend, especially for summer, when you want to be in touch but not carry a slab around in your shorts or on the beach or on the poop deck of your boat when you’re working remotely. This, from Palm (the same trading name as the company behind the defunct PalmPilot, now under entirely new ownership), is about the size of a credit card and just over half the thickness of the Unihertz Jelly Pro, but still just big enough to use – even with my gorilla hands. Indeed, the Palm actually fits in one palm – which, of course, the PalmPilot and the few phones the original firm made in its death throes did not.


The Palm is a slick, cultured take on the micro-phone trend, and even has a decent 12-megapixel rear camera and an eight-megapixel front one. The thing that sets it apart from its competitors, however, is that later this year, it will also be able to share the same Vodafone number as your primary phone, thus fully trumping rival offerings and giving you a real choice to carry either your big phone or its deputy, depending on the occasion. The Palm runs Android’s the Oreo 8.1 version, which is not quite like on a Samsung or Google Pixel phone, but still able to run apps from the Google Play Store.