Canon EOS M Camera

The next best thing to DSLR quality for shooting while travelling

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Compact mirrorless cameras that take interchangeable lenses are the best option for most keen photographers who want the closest thing to DSLR quality when they travel. These cameras have been around for three years now, but Nikon and Canon have been slower than their lesser rivals in joining the party. Just over a year ago, Nikon produced its chunky-looking V1 and J1, now J2. Canon, however, has kept its powder dry until now, with this, its EOS M. And after all the waiting, it’s remarkably like the Nikon, with almost the same size, weight and specifications, and the same ability to use lenses from the senior cameras in the range.


It’s a shame the EOS lacks an optical or electronic viewfinder (the Nikon V1 has one built in), but I slightly prefer the EOS. It looks and feels a bit smaller, although it isn’t, but it won me over with a couple of smooth features on its excellent touch screen, which you can pinch, iPad style, to view a photo. There’s also a superb over-/under-exposure control, with which you can watch your picture change as you alter the aperture or speed.

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