OnePlus 3: a classy new smartphone

This high-end mobile has fantastic features and distinctly dapper interface

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The development of the new Chinese mobile-phone maker OnePlus has been lightning fast. A year ago it was a quirky brand selling to a geeky fanbase via an “invitation” system. But with this new version of its flagship model, the OnePlus 3, sold direct from its website, it becomes a leading global brand.


The good-looking OnePlus 3 is a no-compromise high-end smartphone at a ludicrously good price. I can barely believe how good it is; its list of features, many unique, is exhaustive and often entertaining, and its interface distinctly classy. Among the features that impress me are its ability to charge to 60 per cent power in 30 minutes; an excellent 16-megapixel camera with a wide f2.0 lens and mechanical image stabilisation; a super-fast 6Gb of RAM; dual SIM; and an optional proximity sensor to activate the display when you take the device out of your pocket or wave a hand in front of it. Among the amusing features is an eight-megapixel front‑facing camera that can be set to take a photo only when you smile.