Samsung’s waterproof Galaxy S7 Edge

A top-of-the-range phone with a high-density screen

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Broadly speaking, high-end consumers these days seem to favour either a Samsung Galaxy (usually the versions with the curved screens that have been released in the past couple of years) or the more conservative iPhone 6 and later models. I’ve been spending quite some time recently with this, Samsung’s new top-of-the-range phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge, and I’ve grown to like it a lot.


This is Samsung’s rival to the iPhone 6s Plus: it is narrower, shorter and lighter; it feels slightly better in the hand; and it has the near-breathtaking, UFO crash survivor look I first saw in the original iPod in 2001 (the year, not the film). The S7 Edge’s AMOLED screen, with its 534 pixels-per-inch density, is the best I’ve seen on a phone. It is also waterproof enough to survive having coffee spilt on it and being dropped in the bath.


When it comes to battery life, however, the 6s Plus has the upper hand. And I have to say that even though Samsung has cleaned up its old tendency to cram unwanted bloatware onto its phones, the Android operating systems always seem far more complicated to me than Apple’s. That said, the S7 Edge has no hidden disappointments.