A Motorola phone with an unbreakable screen

The Moto X Force is a light and fast Android phone with ShatterShield technology

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Motorola phones have seen more successful times, but I have the highest regard for them. In case anyone thinks this is a retro thing of mine – Motorola having pioneered the mobile phone – it’s not. I am just very comfortable with its version of Android, especially the one tiny yet killer feature I’ve mentioned before – a big, clear clock readout you get by simply touching the screen.

I tend to carry a Moto X 2nd Generation as part of my business travel kit, as deputy to my iPhone 6s. I got a shock in the US recently, however, when I smashed the screen of the Moto and tried to get it replaced. That cheap-looking repair stores were saying they would need to order the screen in and asking $200 suggested that Motorola isn’t perhaps that mainstream even in its homeland. Anyhow, I subsequently lost the phone with its still taped-up screen and hundreds of precious photos.


But then this turned up. The X Force is a new version of my trusty Moto X with an apparently unbreakable screen, using what it calls ShatterShield tech. I didn’t have the nerve to start throwing it down onto concrete, but braver reviewers have and it survives everything. Remarkable.

The Moto X Force is light and fast, with a Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM. It also has a good two days’ active battery life. Plus Moto has tinkered with the touch-for-the-time thing I love, meaning that now you can just hover your hand vaguely near the phone. So useful. The camera isn’t great, but then this is a business phone. Ideal, overall.