Glorious garden gear

Clever and stylish finds to give green fingers a helping hand

Grafa bronze trowel and fork, £45 each
Grafa bronze trowel and fork, £45 each | Image: Andy Barter

Exquisite hand tools Style and utility are elegantly entwined in these small garden hand tools from Australian design brand Grafa. The spotted-gum hardwood timber handles are kiln‑dried for durability and rounded at the ends for comfort, while the on-trend bronze tool heads don’t rust, but do deter slugs and snails and are said to help improve soil fertility. Trowel and fork, £45 each from, which offers express international shipping. LOREDANA TAGLIENTE

Hozelock Cloud Controller, £115
Hozelock Cloud Controller, £115 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

An intelligent sprinkler system This impressive app‑controlled watering device enables you to give your garden, terrace or greenhouse a well-timed soaking from your desk — or from the beach. The cloud-based gadget can be used with sprinklers or its Easy Drip watering system, which administers smaller amounts of water than a full-on drenching. The highly adaptable system uses meteorological data to help gauge when your greenery needs a drink. £115, from JONATHAN MARGOLIS

Niwaki garden shears, £72
Niwaki garden shears, £72
Broberg & Ridderstråle brass Svante watering can, €85
Broberg & Ridderstråle brass Svante watering can, €85 | Image: Andy Barter

Shear perfection To achieve really neat topiary – whether curving cloud-pruned hedges or something as crisp and simple as a collection of neat box balls – good tools are everything. Nothing transforms accuracy more than garden shears (£72) from Jake Hobson’s Niwaki shop, which imports Japanese garden tools. The shears, which have high-carbon SK steel blades, beautiful white oak handles and a leather sheath, feel wonderfully balanced and snip through box like a knife through butter, making the job an utter joy. CLARE COULSON

Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden, £48
Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden, £48 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

A world-class watering can Part watering can, part sculptural curio, this matte brass design is the brainchild of Swedish duo Broberg & Ridderstråle and made by the Klong collective, whose modus operandi is creating products where functionality, materials and shape come together in the form of “something worthy of caring for”. The design also comes in a burnished copper colour. €85, from Makers & Brothers (+3531-663 8080; BEATRICE HODGKIN

A smart herb garden The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 is a stunningly designed product for indoor gardening. The bright, height-variable LED lights are programmed to turn on and off at the optimum frequency; a clever mechanical water-level indicator lets you know when to top up the tank; and an app assists your growing enterprise with intel and reminders, although in truth, not much assistance is needed. The manufacturer supplies little ready-to-grow pots pre-sown with a variety of seeds that flourish into satisfying crops, from amazingly aromatic basil to chilli peppers and French marigolds. £95 (set of plant pods, £12), from clickandgrow.comJONATHAN MARGOLIS