Escape Special: nine dreamy feeds to follow now

Marianna Giusti follows Instagram’s great escapists

@aprettycoolhoteltour | Image: @aprettycoolhoteltour

@aprettycoolhoteltour (29.7k followers)

This sumptuous feed chronicles the YouTube travel series of a couple from the Midwest who’ve made it their mission to unearth America’s hidden-gem hotels. LA-based filmmakers Margaret and Corey Bienert have tried them all, from hotels with cave and rainforest rooms to love motels with mirrored ceilings and heart-shaped tubs.


@tommy.clarke (62.7k followers)

Photographer Tommy Clarke, who grew up on the English coast, is obsessed with “the interaction between water and land” and how people inhabit that intersection. A helicopter photoshoot capturing surfboards and umbrellas on Bondi Beach inaugurated his series, which features striking aerial portraits from Mexico to the Canary Islands.


@tinycactus (380k followers)

Seoul-born KangHee Kim’s photo collages are inspired by mundane encounters in New York City. Described as contemporary surrealism, her pictures juxtapose everyday scenes with oneiric visions: a world where cherry blossoms bloom from pillowy clouds, and ocean waves wash over apartment stairwells.


@__s____o (302k followers)

Art director and curator Cat Morrison started her dream-like account in 2015 “while doing soulless marketing work”. The feed is an artistic outlet for herself and fellow nine-to-fivers in need of “light-hearted escapism”, transporting followers to wildflower meadows in bloom, floating soap bubbles and gleaming shorelines.

@__s____o | Image: @sr_formica

@itsabandoned (1.6m followers)

“Beautiful Abandoned Places”, gathered from 200 photographers, is a project by LA-based Eric Damier. From an art deco casino on the Romanian coast and an eerie Vietnamese waterpark, to wrecks at the bottom of the ocean and châteaux overgrown with ivy, there isn’t a corner of the world @itsabandoned won’t uncover.

@itsabandoned | Image: Matthias Haker, @Matthias_Haker

@seeladanse (163k followers)

“The Mediterranean is like a language,” says Cristina Mengual, who started her feed with Henri Matisse’s La Danse in mind. Her goal is to convey “endless summer nostalgia” with an exquisite grid of coastal travel photography. Look here for sundried tomatoes on an Amalfi patio and countless table spreads overlooking bays.

@seeladanse | Image: @emelinaah

@voyageursdumonde (107k followers)

The Gulliver’s Travels of Instagram accounts, @voyageursdumonde takes followers on a journey across some of the world’s most disparate and surprising places: from Vermont’s autumnal trees mirrored in a lake to waiters in a bustling Parisian bistro and Varanasi fishermen unloading the day’s catch off colourful wooden boats.

@voyageursdumonde | Image: @giuliadini

@clouds.say.hello (111k followers)

An Instagram portal into the subconscious, @clouds.say.hello offers pretty photos of the sky curated by a Miami-based lucid-dreaming consultant. The feed takes followers to IGTV and YouTube channels that combine images of clouds with lo-fi, minimal techno and ambient music, inducing a state of hypnosis that is said to help followers “control their dreams”.


@somewhereiwouldliketolive (569k followers)

Interior designer-photographer duo Katty Schiebeck and Ruben Ortiz started @somewhereiwouldliketolive 10 years ago as a blog. “We’re like treasure hunters,” say the Barcelona pair, “but that longing for the perfect place exists in many of us.” Their intoxicating feed features an embarrassment of clean-white bedding, floor-to-ceiling windows, forest glades, prairie fields and chapel domes.